My entry for Insert Coin Clothing’s 2017 Photography Contest

In 2015 my best friend recommended a game to me that would change my life. Life is Strange, developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix, is an adventure video game where your choices determine future outcomes. In this game, you play as an 18 year old aspiring photographer in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. Although optional, you are presented throughout the game with opportunities to take pictures, or rather “take the shot” with your retro Polaroid camera. Although many moments stood out to me throughout my first (and second) playthrough, photography was definitely the highlight of my experience.

I first purchased and Instax Wide camera and started “point-and-shoot” photography. From there, I purchased a Nikon D3300 and started studying both technical and creative techniques of photography.

I had not found an area of photography to focus on until later in the year, when the same best friend introduced me to Insert Coin Clothing. They had a “Life is Strange Official Merchandise” line and later in the year held a photography competition. This introduced me to the world of Cosplay.

It was from both the experience of playing “Life is Strange” and practicing Cosplay for the “Insert Coin Clothing” competition that I made the decision to visit Portland, Oregon for a Life is Strange Cosplay experience. I intend on photographing both my cosplay and the beautiful landscape surrounding the area. Since there are many wonderful and supportive fans of the Life is Strange game, I decided to document my journey on my website so that I can update through pictures and stories of my adventures. Thank you for your interest and incredible support throughout my journey in discovering my love of photography and cosplay.