Among the Douglas Firs

I loved the Douglas Firs in the video game. I can understand why Oregon promotes the Douglas Firs so heavily in its advertising; they are everywhere! Something that stood out to me while driving the coast was just how healthy and large the plants grow. It’s as though you can envision what a world without humans could be like. The way the game depicts Arcadia Bay is just like the Oregon coast felt; wildlife everywhere (yes, I saw a deer), trees that hide the buildings, misty atmosphere, etc. Something about Oregon just makes you feel calm. I wish I could have spent more time out there.


Sunset Through the Douglas Firs

As for the Cosplay photo above, it felt rushed; I was running behind on time and wanted to take as many LiS inspired photos as I could. I had a photo album of LiS screenshots that I would glance at for motivation and just as my other photos, this was inspired by that. I did want to capture the same ambiance from the game, considering being surrounded by trees at Cape Meares. Although it is not my favourite, I still want to share it.

As the release date to the prequel approaches, I am really putting focus on ensuring all my cosplay images are edited and posted. Of course my real life commitments get in the way but I have made this a hard goal and I believe it is achievable. After all the cosplay images are posted, I want to start posting some landscape images and scans of the Instax images I took during the trip.

Stay tuned and as always, feel free to leave me a comment below!



  1. It’s great to have your feedback regarding the general atmosphere of the area. I heard many people saying the same things as you so the Oregonian Coast must be really something special.
    Just a thought I had when looking at the pictures you took: did you travel all by yourself? If so, wasn’t it a bit scary to be alone in these huge forests? I know it would have freaked me out… especially if I were impersonating Max. You never know, you could always stumble upon a real Jefferson :/


    1. I did travel myself. Since I’ve been practicing photography alone, maybe I’ve become too comfortable with being alone, haha. There was never a moment in Oregon where I felt unsafe but in the past, I have felt a tad uncomfortable in certain situations. Mostly being the ones where I was practicing night photography.


      1. Night photography? In a junkyard maybe? Jk :p
        I have the feeling you and Max are really alike: you both like to take pictures on your own 🙂


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