Sunset at Cape Meares Lighthouse

This picture was so difficult to take as the subject. The sun was so bright and I had already temporarily messed up my eyesight spending so much time taking sunset photos. In order to get a picture where I am not squinting, I had to close my eyes and open them just before I heard the shutter open. But look at that backdrop! It is as incredible as I can remember it; there was little wind so the waters were calm, the sun was incredibly bright and lit up the landscape with a warm glow.

There was hardly anyone there, probably on account that the sun set at 9PM and the lighthouse closes at 10PM. Considering how fast the sun sets though, I knew I had time. Another factor that may have deterred very many people from visiting was that one side of the road was under construction and blocked. I lucked out this night because I had typed “Octopus Tree” into my directions, rather than “Cape Meares”, which I found out on the last day is also the name of the town below.

As for the post-processing of this image, I didn’t want to do too much. Anything I have tried would compromise the background, which was my favorite part of the photo. So although the inspiration for this photo came from the Life is Strange still below, I focused more on keeping true to the image I saw when I took the photograph, rather than try to imitate too closely to the game.


As always, feel free to leave comments below!



  1. What a great shot! I guess it’s the closest you’ll ever be to the game since it obviously was the main inspiration for the lighthouse outlook. I guess the sunset colors in the game are a bit over-the-top when compared with reality anyway 🙂


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