Two Whales Diner Inspiration – The Blue Moon Diner

The first Life is Strange inspired stop of mine was The Blue Moon Diner. I had planned to finish running a half marathon and then Cosplay Max after a brief break in my car. This idea was very quickly scrapped after finishing the race, a quarter of which I ran  in the pouring Oregon rain. I still wanted to view the diner before driving out to the coast, so I dried off and made my way there with my FujiFilm Neo Classic, Max style.

Upon arriving, I immediately snapped a Max-inspired shot of the exterior signage.


I was in awe upon entering the establishment, as it is very obviously an inspiration for the Two Whales Diner. I sat myself, as per the sign at the front (also in the game). Being my first visit, I decided to sit at the front on a stool next to the baked goods display.


I did a quick check of the bathroom in the event that it had graffiti like the game, but it didn’t. Although I was aware that I wasn’t part of the game, it was very difficult to separate reality from fiction when so much was the same.


After finishing my coffee, I quickly checked for a Jukebox but there was none. Full of bliss and excitement, I left to start my journey to the coast.

On my return to Portland, I stopped in again, but this time dressed as Max. I have to note that no one recognized me and the staff were very shocked to see the comparison images of the Two Whales Diner. No one had heard of Life is Strange and were very interested in the comparisons I showed them. The waitress was very kind and took the picture of me above. The food was great (I’ll keep what I ordered a secret).

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to note them below!




  1. Really great pictures! The resemblance is so striking that we could say the diner in Lis is almost a rip-off of the original. I’m surprised nobody even knew the game by name. Maybe the customers were too old to be gamers?

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  2. Very surprising to hear that no one that worked there knew about LiS, you would think a bunch of LiS fans and cosplayers would’ve visited by now and informed them about about their diner (sort of) being featured in the game. And yes, your Max cosplay is amazing.

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  3. I think it’s brilliant that you went to the Blue Moon dressed as Max and showed the staff comparison photos. Surely the owners or one of the long-timers at the restaurant knows about Life Is Strange?

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