Happy Fourth of July From Arcadia Bay (Beach)

Ignoring again that Chloe’s tattoo is backwards, this is one of my favourite shots. It was so incredibly difficult to time everything just right. It was also (along with the bottle picture previously posted here) the first time I’ve used a umbrella flash. There are so many factors that made it difficult; timing the camera with the wind, giving a Chloe look while holding the flag in the most natural way I could muster, people getting into the shot or staring blankly at me attempting this, etc.

When I thought of Chloe before I set out on this trip, the American flag in her room really stood out to me and I wanted to incorporate that with Arcadia Beach. Originally, I also wanted Max to be taking her photo but the hike to this spot and all the camera equipment made this task too much for one person. I am pretty confident that this was the image I thought up many months ago when first planning my trip.

One thing that will forever stick with me was the sinking feeling I got looking out to the Pacific Ocean. Knowing that if any of my equipment got sucked to the coast, it was gone. The ocean and sky; it went out forever. As nervous as I felt, it was also an awakening. I am but one person, one small person on the land staring out into this great body of water. What a unique and humbling experience.

Happy Fourth of July America!


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