Cape Meares Lighthouse, Oregon

This picture was the first one I envisioned in my head when booking a trip to Oregon. Episode one of Life is Strange, when Chloe and Max start to discuss her powers up near the lighthouse. Although Cape Meares does not look very much like the lighthouse in Life is Strange, the location does have similarities to the episode. Just as the game play, you stand on the cliff side (with barricades in place) and watch the sunset. When you look to your left, you see a rock formation very similar to that in the game (although the rock formation in-game is based on Arcadia Beach).

When I first visited this location at sunset, the winds were calm. Other visitors informed me that it was rare for the kind of sunset I experienced. I count myself very lucky to have both witnessed and been able to photograph such a vibrant scene. One interesting fact I learned while there was that the lighthouse is open for tours 11am – 4pm most weekdays. Since I hadn’t arrived until 6pm the first night, I was under the impression it was closed. If you do plan on visiting the lighthouse, be aware that it will become very busy during these hours and that it may close for private tours. I found this out on the last day I visited. Thankfully, I had already taken all the shots I wanted by time it became busy.

There will be more cosplay pictures from this location in the future, as I spent quite a bit of time here. Feel free to leave me any comments below!



  1. The Golden hour! It really looks like what we saw in-game 🙂
    I assume you cosplayed both Max and Chloe here, there are only two little things you could improve:
    – I have the feeling the lightning must have been different when you took the Max picture and the Chloe one. There is probably a bit of tweaking to do.
    – I know nail polish needs some time to dry and be removed, but you should try to photoshop Chloe’s thumb, so as to give it its blue color 🙂


    1. The Golden Hour was so incredible here, I felt like the luckiest gal to be able to witness it in real life! When I was Chloe, I was closer to the camera and therefore closer to the flash. I agree, I need to work on this in post processing. Also, I did have nail polish on the day before but removed it before this picture! How silly of me!


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