Sunset on the Oregon Coast

Nearing the end of my day I decided to visit Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the rumored inspiration for the lighthouse in Life is Strange. It had been a long day with plenty of driving and sightseeing. This was supposed to be my grand finale to the trip. A sunset photo at the lighthouse would have been perfect; however, had I done my homework I would have found that Yaquina Head Lighthouse closes at 5PM while sunset was at 9PM. As I pulled up to the park at 7pm and did the turn-around, I began to kick myself for spending 3 hours of my last day driving a seemingly pointless, although beautiful, drive.

I drove into Newport to attempt to take pictures of the distant lighthouse with my 300mm lens. As I was attempting a clear photo, the sky opened up a bit and presented this incredible sunset. It was unlike any I had witnessed in my life, considering the ocean was never ending and the light the sun produced made all my surroundings glow orange. The image I captured above is hardly edited; this was an Oregon sunset in all its glory.

Not all my experiences in Oregon were inspired by Life is Strange; yet I would have never experienced any of it without the game. I will be forever in awe over the beauty I witnessed on my vacation.



  1. The sunset has a kinda divine vibe in this picture 🙂
    You must have hated yourself for failing to check the Yaquina schedule though!
    Btw, did you wear your Chloe outfit 24/7 during your trip? :p


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